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Seed Word Lists & Languages

seedrecover wordlists

All wordlists used by are sourced from third parties. In particular:

The wordlist files themselves were copied verbatim from the sources above, including any copyright notices. Only the filenames have been modified.

Language Codes attempts to guess the correct language of the mnemonic it is trying to recover, however it may not always guess correctly (in particular when it comes to Chinese). You can instruct to use a specific language via the --language LANG-CODE option.

The available LANG-CODEs (based on ISO 639-1) are taken from the filenames in the folder here; they follow the first - in their filenames. Specifically, in alphabetical order they are:

  • Chinese, simplified - zh-hans
  • Chinese, traditional (BIP-39 only) - zh-hant
  • English - en
  • French (BIP-39 only) - fr
  • Italian (BIP-39 only) - it
  • Japanese - ja
  • Korean (BIP-39 only) - ko
  • Portuguese - pt
  • Spanish - es
  • Czech - cs

There are also four "firstfour" language codes based on the ones above: en-firstfour, es-firstfour, fr-firstfour, it-firstfour, pt-firstfour and cs-firstfour. Wallet software that uses mnemonics which include just the first four letters of each word can use one of these language codes.