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Token Lists, Password Lists and BIP39 Seed Phrases


The same "token list" functionality that can be used for creating passwords can also be used for creating seed phrases.

This feature can be used to unscramble seed phrases where the words of the passphrase are available, but the ordering is unknown. (This is currently only really practical with a 12 word seed phrase, though is also usable for a 24 word seed where the position of 12 of the words is known)

The syntax for creating these files is identical and information about that can be found here: The Tokenlist File

An example of a file which has 6 characters of of known position and 6 unknown can be found here: Sample TokenList

An example command that will use this tokenlist is: python3 --no-dupchecks --mnemonic-length 12 --language EN --dsw --wallet-type BIP39 --addr-limit 1 --addrs 17GR7xWtWrfYm6y3xoZy8cXioVqBbSYcpU --tokenlist ./btcrecover/test/test-listfiles/SeedTokenListTest.txt

It should be noted that you will need to specify the mnemonic length and the language when using this method Supported languages can be found here

BTCRecover can also print the seeds that will be tested via the --listpass command, something that can be useful for debugging your tokenlist See here for more info about seedlists from a tokenlist... (Also useful if you will be generating lots of seed phrases, though this currently just dumps out text files that will get very large, very quickly... Will optimise this a bit in the future)


The "passwordlist" (See here) functionality can also be used with seedphrases through the --seedlist argument.

The key difference from the password list is that while you still simply list one seed phrase per line, you will also need to format them in the same style that are exported via the --listpass command. This is to make it possible for the output of the tokenlst step of this tool to be directly used by the passwordlist step. See Sample Seedlist

Example Usage for SeedList (Seedlist created using listseeds as the output from the token list command above): python3 --no-dupchecks --mnemonic-length 12 --language EN --dsw --wallet-type BIP39 --addr-limit 1 --addrs 17GR7xWtWrfYm6y3xoZy8cXioVqBbSYcpU --seedlist ./btcrecover/test/test-listfiles/SeedListTest.txt