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Passwordlist Files

The Passwordlist

If you already have a simple list of whole passwords you'd like to test, and you don't need any of the features described above, you can use the --passwordlist command-line option (instead of the --tokenlist option as described later in the Running btcrecover section). The passwordlist is just a standard text file, with one password per line. (It can be either raw text or also compressed with gzip)If your password contains any non-ASCII (non-English) characters, you should read the section on Unicode Support before continuing.

If you specify --passwordlist without a file, btcrecover will prompt you to type in a list of passwords, one per line, in the Command Prompt window. If you already have a text file with the passwords in it, you can use --passwordlist FILE instead (replacing FILE with the file name).

Be sure not to add any extra spaces, unless those spaces are actually a part of a password.

Each line is used verbatim as a single password when using the --passwordlist option (and none of the features from above are applied). You can however use any of the Typos features described below to try different variations of the passwords in the passwordlist.