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Typos Quick Start Guide

btcrecover Typos Quick Start Guide

If you only have a single (or just a few) passwords that you'd like to apply some typos to, you can use the following table to pick a set of typos command-line options with which to run btcrecover.

The leftmost column contains the command-line options, with a full set of options on each row (if the options for a row is blank, they're the same as the row above). As a general rule, each successive row of options will try a larger set of typos than the preceding row. You should select a row which includes the same type of wallet you intend to test, along with a password length that's similar to your password(s). The columns on the right will give you a rough estimate of how many password variations there are and of how long btcrecover will take to check the variations (per input password to be tested).

Typos command-line options Wallet Type Password Length Passwords Checked Hours Taken
--typos 2 --typos-capslock --typos-swap --typos-repeat --typos-delete --typos-case --typos-map typos\us-with-shifts-map.txt Armory 20 15,000 0.2
--typos 3 --typos-capslock --typos-swap --typos-repeat --typos-delete --typos-closecase --typos-map typos\us-with-shifts-map.txt --max-typos-map 1 Armory 15 100,000 1.5
Armory 20 200,000 3.0
Bitcoin Core 20 200,000 2.0
--typos 3 --typos-capslock --typos-swap --typos-repeat --typos-delete --typos-closecase --typos-map typos\us-with-shifts-map.txt --max-typos-map 2 Armory 15 200,000 3.0
Bitcoin Core 15 200,000 2.0
--typos 2 --typos-capslock --typos-swap --typos-repeat --typos-delete --typos-closecase --typos-map typos\us-with-shifts-map.txt --typos-insert %a Armory 15 230,000 3.5
Bitcoin Core 15 230,000 2.0
--typos 3 --typos-capslock --typos-swap --typos-repeat --typos-delete --typos-closecase --typos-map typos\us-with-shifts-map.txt Bitcoin Core 15 300,000 2.5
--typos 3 --typos-capslock --typos-swap --typos-repeat --typos-delete --typos-closecase --typos-map typos\us-with-shifts-map.txt --max-typos-map 2 --typos-insert %a --max-typos-insert 1 Bitcoin Core, GPU accelerated 20 10,000,000 1.5
--typos 4 --typos-capslock --typos-swap --typos-repeat --typos-delete --typos-closecase --typos-map typos\us-with-shifts-map.txt --max-typos-map 2 Bitcoin Core, GPU accelerated 20 13,000,000 2.0
--typos 4 --typos-capslock --typos-swap --typos-repeat --typos-delete --typos-case --typos-map typos\us-with-shifts-map.txt Bitcoin Core, GPU accelerated 15 10,000,000 1.5
--typos 3 --typos-capslock --typos-swap --typos-repeat --typos-delete --typos-closecase --typos-map typos\us-with-shifts-map.txt --max-typos-map 2 --typos-insert %a --max-typos-insert 2 Bitcoin Core, GPU accelerated 15 14,000,000 2.0
--typos 4 --typos-capslock --typos-delete --typos-insert %P --max-typos-insert 2 --no-dupchecks MultiBit or Electrum 15 125,000,000 0.2
MultiBit or Electrum 20 390,000,000 0.4
--typos 4 --typos-capslock --typos-swap --typos-repeat --typos-delete --typos-case --typos-map typos\us-with-shifts-map.txt --max-typos-map 2 --typos-insert %a --max-typos-insert 2 --no-dupchecks MultiBit or Electrum 15 900,000,000 1.2
--typos 3 --typos-capslock --typos-delete --typos-insert %P --max-typos-insert 2 --typos-replace %P --max-typos-replace 1 --no-dupchecks MultiBit or Electrum 15 1,700,000,000 2.3

Typos Maps

The btcrecover package includes a few typos-map example files in this directory. One of them, us-with-shifts-map.txt, is used in the Quick Start suggestions above.

  • us-map.txt - For each key on a standard US ANSI ASCII keyboard, this typos-map file will try an adjacent key to test the case where your finger may have slipped one position while typing a password. This typos-map is only intended for testing passwords which do not contain any shifted letters or symbols.

  • us-with-shifts-map.txt - Just like us-map.txt, except that this typos-map is intended for testing passwords which do contain shifted letters or symbols. In most cases, this typos-map should be used in combination with either the --typos-case or the --typos-closecase option.

  • leet-map.txt - This typos-map tests passwords by replacing letters with their leetspeak version(s) (see for more information).

  • leet-uncommon-map.txt - Just like leet-map.txt, except this typos-map contains additional less-common replacements.